I will be going on maternity leave, will this affect my payment plan?

It will depend on individual circumstances and your maternity pay entitlement. We can look at reducing your monthly payments on a temporary basis to reflect your drop in salary during your leave.

We may also be able to offer a payment break from your IVA to allow you to adjust before we reintroduce payments. It is worth noting that you will still owe the same amount of money set out in your IVA, but your payment may be increased temporarily or the length of your plan extended to recoup the missing funds.

When your maternity leave comes to an end, we may need to assess your circumstances to account for any financial changes to your situation; for example, you may decide to go back to work part-time and your income is then reduced or you may be entitled to child benefits which will see your income increased. Any changes will then need to be reflected in your future payments.


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